April 22-24, 2018
Turnberry Isle Miami | Miami, FL

Shakti Jauhar

Vice President, Global HR Operations & Shared Services

8:05 AM (Panel) Leading Progress: CHRO’s Role in Reshaping the Organization for the Future of Work

Radical disruption of the way we work and do business is imminent, and in order to stay relevant, organizations need to start acting now. We are undergoing a fundamental shift in the way we work. In the workplace, automation and thinking machines are replacing human tasks, and transforming the skills that people will need to thrive. These momentous changes are raising considerable challenges within the organizational, talent and HR realms.

As the heralds of the people and culture within the organization, CHROs have a critical role in rethinking their business strategies and preparing the workforce to face the forces that are shaping the future. This engaging discussion will provide CHROs with insights into some of the questions that deserve a deeper look; in what ways can CHROs prepare their business for disruption? 

•How will AI and other technologies affect the business at every level, and what can HR do about it?
•Focusing on the human element: nurturing soft skills that can’t be replaced by machines
•Building a culture of agility, adaptability, and continuous learning

9:15 AM Harnessing Digital Innovation & Enablement in HR

This session will present a successful journey of transformation ignited by HR, which has resulted in a thriving organization that has attained financial growth year after year.  Through principles of organizational development, upgrading talent, creating accountability throughout the organization, and culture change, this business transformation has reduced costs, provided laser focus on key business initiatives, and created a world class leadership team.  As part of this process, HR had to think differently about the relationship with labor unions and create new partnerships, creating win-win situations for all parties, as well as to evolve into a thought-leader & strategic partner role with its business leaders.
·        Aligning HR with the company’s global mission and strategic plan: ensuring internal buy-in and establishing key milestones
·        Increasing employee engagement by placing employees at the heart of the mission
·        Implementing strategies that support its commitment to diversity, career growth, winning in the marketplace, problem solving and more

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