April 22-24, 2018
Turnberry Isle Miami | Miami, FL

Linda Aldred

Texas Children's Hospital

Linda Aldred is a senior vice president and the Chief Human Resources Officer at Texas Children’s Hospital where she is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources, Organizational Development, Learning, and Employee Health and Wellness. During her career as a senior executive, Linda has also been responsible for marketing, public relations, and community initiatives at Texas Children’s.  She is a recognized leader known for building strong, high-performance leaders and teams who have created and led numerous strategies and key initiatives that have helped the organization grow into one of the largest and most prominent women’s and children’s hospitals in the nation. Think It Big, Lead It Bigger, and Be The Difference capture’s Linda’s view of effective leadership and ultimately an organization’s success.

Linda started her career in the banking industry before becoming a healthcare leader. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance from the University of Houston and a Master’s in Organizational Performance and Change from Colorado State University. 

1:10 PM Revamping Your Employer Branding to Attract & Retain Top Talent

The strength and success of an organization depends on its ability to hire and retain the right talent. So what makes a candidate choose one employer over another and stay with an organization when other job opportunities are available? It’s the employer brand – the organization’s reputation as an employer with a positive and distinctive employment experience. Building and implementing a strategic mode for an employer brand strategy, with the Employee Value Proposition front and center, is a must for all organizations, and particularly those which want to differentiate themselves in the market. Organizations must weigh the strength and reputation of their employer brand, adjust their thinking about why it is necessary, and build a roadmap for bringing this critical strategy to life.
High-Impact HR Leaders are taking the lead on positioning employer branding as a core business strategy, and they are doing it across many social and digital channels to target top candidates, retain critical talent, drive engagement and performance, and ensure that they are a compelling place to work.
Best practices to be discussed include:
·         Aligning the employer brand with business objectives
·         Infusing the brand core values into all social channels to target top candidates
·         Following conversations closely to understand how they are influencing and shaping the brand’s perception
·         Thinking outside the careers site box: Integrating social networks, SEO, Mobile, and driving traffic by making it easy for the candidate to connect and share information

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